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PE Homework – Active Every Day Activity Book and Homework Charts

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PE Homework – Active Every Day Activity Book and Homework Charts

This resource has been developed by primary teachers to bring your child’s Physical Education experience home. The PE Homework - Active Every Day activities are designed to complement the activities that your child is learning in school. Research shows that physical education, as an integral part of your child’s education, provides vital opportunities for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Children who experience joy and fun through the medium of movement at school are more likely to continue to be active later in life if they have the opportunity to practise what they have learned in a wide range of environments, such as the home and community. This enables them to develop Physical Literacy. The activities outlined in this resource can be completed inside the home or outside in whatever space is available to the child. All activities can be completed individually by the child, or they can be adapted to include family members, neighbours or friends. This resource is designed to be fun and engaging for your child. By completing short, interesting, engaging physical activities every day, you are helping your child to develop healthy lifestyle habits that will support their wellbeing in body and mind. If your child associates fun and enjoyment with physical education lessons and gains a sense of achievement in practising their skills at home, they will develop the positive attitudes so necessary for continued participation in physical education lessons and physical activity for life. This resource is available to access digitally and download in both Irish and English from