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PDST Teaching and Learning Resources for EAL

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PDST Teaching and Learning Resources for EAL

Set of 8 Grammar Mats, 28 Examination Verb Flashcards, and 8 Signposting Visuals

€15 each including P & P in Ireland

Grammar mats focus on elements of the English language to promote literacy, numeracy and enhance language awareness. These grammar mats are a highly effective way to draw an EAL learner's attention to syntax and help advance understanding and comprehension of grammatical elements. Examination Verb Flashcards are designed to teach the meaning of, and give EAL learners opportunities to review, remember and practise using instruction words for exams. The list of verbs are chosen from the Trinity English Language Support Program list of examination verbs by subject. Signposting Visuals help EAL learners feel more secure and relaxed as they allow the teacher to signpost what is happening and what will happen next. To make the progression of a lesson clearer, teachers can point to a visual as an activity begins and remove the visual when activity ends.

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